Classroom Studio Model

These are some beginning notes about how this model might work.

Project/Portfolio Based
  • Specific focus should be determined by student
  • The larger works should be evaluated by whether it meets the student's goals and whether it demonstrates mastery of a range of skills/understanding/etc.
  • Teacher should establish framework and large-scale objectives, as well as provide resources and assistance with reaching the goals

Classroom design should suit the studio approach (aesthetics are significant and not secondary, but should also be useful, functional, helpful)
  • Students possibly set up into groups
  • Open air concept (as much as possible in a small classroom space)
  • Multiple spaces (desks, tables, collaborative meeting spaces, couches, alone spaces)
  • Many artefacts in the classroom
  • "Inspiring" walls

Schedule and Management
  • Should be different from the standard procedures (but may not be possible)
  • Work begins as soon as kids walk through the door (no waiting on the teacher)
  • Variety of time uses (small groups, individual, large group steering sessions)
  • Lack of bells, buzzers (constant motion and work)
  • Longer stretches of time focused on task (not a lot of small, "10 minute" tasks, focused work times)
  • Studio "buzz" students often working on different things, but respectful of each other and the work that each is doing

Non-Traditional Grading
  • Internal:
  • External:
  • Considers both product and process

Incorporation of Technology
This should become so infused with the rest of the work in this model that the need for a "separate section" should disappear.

Resources & Inspiration